LPO X Karine Pothier

This collection was developed in collaboration with content creator and youtuber Karine Pothier and reflects her sweet, maternal and colourful personality.
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Her tips for using cloth diapers:

Assemble your cloth diapers as you go when changing diapers.
Opting for pocket diapers, Karine and Anthony prefer placing the inserts in the diaper when putting the diaper on their children. This allows them to divide the montage of the diapers.

Have multiple diapers on hand
Having had more than one child in cloth diapers at a time, Karine has a large batch of diapers easily allowing rotation!! While respecting the recommendations for frequent washing, this trick still allows you to have extra inserts for outings, daycare and at home, when the soiled diapers are not ready to be used yet!

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